If you know me then you know I’m #TeamBlue all day, errrrdayyy!

I snagged an awesome deal back in December 2017 for a round trip flight from New Jersey (EWR) to Orlando (MCO), for $80 bucks. Yup, I said it… $80 buck-a-roos.

I had to travel from New York to New Jersey by train; LIRR to the PATH, then a 10minutes Lyft ride to the airport. So boom! While I was there, kicked back and waiting in the boarding area, a flight attendant made an announcement: “Flight 927 has been overbooked. We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.” I softly shook my head. Why do these airlines keep overbooking these flights and expect people to give up their seats. Tuh! Not me. Then the flight attendant picks up the mic again and says: “We’re looking for volunteers who would like to opt for our 10am flight tomorrow morning for free, and receive $400 as courtesy for our inconvenience”

Kid you not, I hopped out of my seat in 2.5 seconds and walked right up to that desk and said “sign me up!”.

I got my flight changed, AND a $400 credit to travel with Jetblue.

Let the church say Amen!


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