“I have seen dawn and sunset on moors and windy hills coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain.” – John Edward Masefield

I spent a week in Spain; three whole days in Barcelona and three whole days in Madrid, with one day being a travel day from Barca to Madrid via train. Although I didn’t do any of the “touristy” things to do, best believe you’ll enjoy yourself with all that Spain has to offer.

The Breakdown:

Duration: August 19th to the 25th

  • Airline: America Airlines

Train: Around $100USD

  • The trains are comfortable and smooth, and the views are beautiful.


SoHo Hotel: August 19th-22nd

Dear Madrid: August 22nd-25th

Average Daily Spending: $20-$30

FC Barcelona vs Real Betis Camp Nou

Great Seats! Section 131- Lateral 1 Preminum via viagogo $242.50

Suggestions, Tips, and Recommendations:

  • For a nice meal and good atmosphere, check out Oven Mozzarella Bar. I loved it so much! They have a couple different locations around Madrid… I’d take another long flight just for their food, thats how serious it is!
  • Walk around. The streets were pretty safe and there’s usually people always out.
  • Hop on a train and take it to a random stop, because why not? Especially if you’re close to the metro, go for it! We took the train, in Madrid, to a random stop and got some delicious ice cream, walked around for a few, then went back to base.
  • BUDGET YOURSELF! Spain isn’t a backpackers budget-friendly place in my book. If you’re going with the intentions to shop and to do a couple of touristy things make sure you’re prepared. Just don’t over do yourself.
  • Shop! Shop! Shop! If I didn’t put myself on a budget when I headed out to Spain, I would’ve came back to the states with Spain… seriously. They have so many stores and things to spend your money on that its just hard not to concentrate on buying something.
  • Row a boat in Retiro Park. Hashtag Beautiful Experience. (MADRID)
  • See a football game at Camp Nou. Oh mannnn. Firstly, this was my first official live sports game and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The energy there was on top of the world! Get there!:) (BARCELONA)


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